Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chapter 31: The Timeless Beauty

Hello dearies!
This week we have lots of dresses with drapes, pleats and princess sleeves, both new and vintage! yay~ we also have bags and be
lts up for grabs(brand new too XD)~

contact me at sashavintage@gmail.com or 019-4484466(Sasha)~
Happy Shopping!

*Accessories Worn Not Included*
*Click on Pictures to Enlarge*

The Stylista PU Leather Bag
Brand New(Restockable)
RM50 *omg steal*
comes in
-maroon red
-navy blue Sold to Thriftbook

-2 side pockets
-1 outer zipped compartment
-2 small pockets inside
-1 inner zipped compartment
-1 long strap provided
-can be used in many ways!
navy blue and maroon red
the details-note the neat stitching!
side pocket

hold it on your shoulder
as a handbag
use it as a sling bag
just hang it on your shoulders using the long strap

The Dragon Lock Clincher
Brand New(Restockable in Grey and Black)
available in
-grey Sold to Ira
Restock for Irene
-tan brown Sold to Snowie

grey and tan brown(please refer to the modelled picture for the truest colour of the tan brown 1)
the clasp
Truest colour for tan brown

Chic Dual-toned Drape Dress
Brand New
Best fits UK6-UK12
Available in 4 options:
-A: black(top)white(bottom)
-B: white(top)black(bottom)
-C: dark grey(top)light grey(bottom)
-D: light grey(top)dark grey(bottom)
*limited and quality-assured*
-simple and yet stylish
-perfect for formal events
-very good quality material
A: black(top)white(bottom)
love the drapes!

B: white(top)black(bottom)

C: Dark grey(top)light grey(bottom)

D: Light grey(top)dark grey(bottom)

Elegant Dual-toned Pleated Dress
Brand New
Best fits UK4-10
Available in 3 options:
-A: dark grey(top)beige(bottom)
-B: black(top)beige(bottom)
-C: light grey(top)dark grey(bottom)

-stretchable waistband
-pleated details on the bottom and shoulder part
A: dark grey(top) beige(bottom)
pleated shoulder part
B: Black(top) beige(bottom)
worn with clincher(not included)

pleated bottom

C: light grey(top) dark grey(bottom)

The Grey Zipper Pleated Dress
Best fits UK6-UK10
Sold to Sherliza
-very cute zipper
-pleated skirt part
-can be transformed into a skirt~speaking of multi-functional item LOL~
front view
cute zipper!
pleated skirt part
back view

voila! transformed into a skirt~
worn with clincher(not included)

Miss Boardroom Dark Purple Drape Dress
Best fits UK6-UK10
-very figure-hugging
-love the drape
-the true colour is actually blue-ish purple(not as blue as pictured)
front view
love the drapes
back view
this is more like the true colour!

The Bow-Wow Off-White Dress
Best fits UK6-UK10
Reserved for Amy S.
-detachable bow
-very beautifully pleated
-princess sleeves
front view
the drapes fall so nicely~
the cute detachable bow
pleated princess sleeves with gold buttons
back view

Blooming Roses Little Black Dress
Best fits UK4-UK8
Sold to Andrea
-pleated skirt with v-shape waistline
-very beautifully draped sleeves
-full black lace
-back slit
remember what i said about this picture above?
we have something similar~ don't we all love the puffiness?

front view
beautiful roses~
the sleeves are love~
v-shaped waistline

the ultimate pleated skirt~ love the puffiness and yet it fits like a glove! giving you an hourglass body!

Miss Prim and Proper Drape Dress
Best fits UK6-UK10
-beautiful pleats
-princess sleeves
-C-shaped side that enhance your figure even more!
front view

princess sleeves with wrapped buttons!

C-shaped curve and the beautiful pleats~

back view

The Parisian Wrap Dress
Best fits UK6-10
-sporting a big lapel(collar)
-beautiful pleats
-with prints like eiffel tower,gold coins,chains and more!
front view

the big big lapel

love the bow~

and also the pleated skirt~

back view

Blue Polka Dottie Pleated Dress
Best fits UK4-UK8
Sold to Sherliza
-V-shaped waistline that accentuates your curve!
-pleated skirt
-pleated bust area
front view

V-shaped waistline

pleated skirt

back view

Brown Polka Dottie Drape Dress
Best fits UK6-UK10
Sold to Sherliza
-wrapped buttons
-big lapel(collar)
-pleated upper torso
-drape skirt
front view

big lapel

wrapped buttons and the pleats

drape skirt

back view

Flying Wings Drape Shirt
Best fits UK8-UK12
-cute wing-like prints
-loving the drapes! front,back and side~

front view

side drapes

back drapes