Friday, March 20, 2009

Oversized Bows- Childhood Memories~modelled pics uploaded!

hi darlings! this time round we have printed cotton which is just so fun and colourful~ remind me of what i wear to kindy *shy*
i think inside every girl there's a kid at let's just reminisce on our childhood memories..which make us who we are today~ ^.^

*Click on pictures to enlarge*

RM18 each
printed cotton with satin ribbon
same size as the previous ones
do note that only brooch pin is attached

Open for Orders
(please allow for 2-3 days to process order after payment is made)

The Snowman and ABC Bow
sold to Teresa
printed cotton with yellow satin ribbon
you can see snowman,cars,apples,watermelons,trees,umbrellas and ABCs on the printing..very cute!

The Chicken Farmer Bow
Sold to Teresa
it's printed with chickens,plants,hats,flowers,gloves,carrots,tomatoes,butterflies~
so kitschy! and i love the cheerful orange theme!
(true colours are more towards orange,not as reddish as shown)

colour truest to this pic